Leatherwoods, inc.

Leatherwoods, Inc. is a not-for-profit fraternal organization with an emphasis on clean and sober adult activites, and hosts the annual Leatherwoods camping event, which offers opportunities for education and adult recreation. It was incorporated in 2007 and granted 501(c)7 status in 2011. Donations are not tax deductable. All members are invited to attend our annual business meeting, which will be held during the Leatherwoods event.

Leatherwoods Bylaws

A copy of the Leatherwoods, Inc. bylaws, as signed in 2014, are available for download. A PDF reader is required for viewing. Please visit Adobe to get the latest version.


Our History

The History of Leatherwoods

by Miss Reilly


1985 ~ Denver, Colorado

As we drove home from a meeting of the local lesbian S/M group, I told my partner, Linda, about an idea that was forming in my mind. "I'm going to create something some day. I don't know what exactly, but I want it to be outdoors, with trees and whips and rope. And whatever it is, I'm going to call it Leatherwoods."

1988 ~ Lompoc, California

In a new state with a new partner, I found myself driving long distances to spend just a few hours in the company of other S/M women. I was determined that someday I would have a wonderful place with lots of trees, and other women would drive distances to be there.

1989 ~ Portland, Oregon

I met Conrad and Margaret at Living in Leather, where they had just given a presentation on playing with nettles. I asked if they knew about available land in Oregon, and mentioned my dream of having a place where people could play outdoors. Conrad immediately gave me lots of pointers on how I might proceed, and Margaret politely wished me luck.

1990 ~ Lompoc, California

The urge to leave California was growing stronger, and I talked about it more and more. On Solstice, I made a Request to the Universe to aid me in a Five Year Plan to create my dream. Two weeks later I received word of a piece of property available and a month after that I bought it and moved my family to Oregon.

1993 ~ Tiller, Oregon

Kalles Family Ranch opened for business as a Gay and Lesbian Campground. Anne and I hosted events catering to a broad spectrum of the gay community. The property was beautiful, and life was good. But I still had to drive many miles to spend a few hours in the company of S/M women.

1995 ~ Portland, Oregon

Another trip to Living in Leather, a weekend of living the lifestyle I wanted to become accustomed to. I met up with Conrad and Margaret again in the social area. They were glad to hear I had accomplished so much, but wondered if I had forgotten my quest to make a place for the S/M (now known as BDSM) community. "No," I told them. "I've had a lot of opposition on that and can't seem to make it happen on my own." They both wished me luck again.

1998 ~ Eugene, Oregon

I met up with Conrad and Margaret again, this time offering them a ride home from a gathering in Eugene. They were concerned because they had not heard anything about BDSM activity at my campground. Sheepishly, I admitted I would probably never do it, settling instead for what I could have easily instead of working so hard for just a dream.

2001 ~ Roseburg, Oregon

I met Mistress Heaven at a Wild Rose munch. Although I thought I had given up on my BDSM in the woods idea, I found that I was still talking about it. Margie was fascinated, and thought it was a wonderful idea. I admitted to her that I just couldn't make it happen by myself. "Well", she said, "then I will help you." As good as her word, she began to ask me questions, and soon a plan emerged. I made a firm commitment and drew up flyers. Margie got a man busy making a rack to tie people to, and another to make a swing to hang someone from. People took my flyers and started talking about the little campout next summer. Conrad said to me, "So you are finally going to make this happen! I will tell everyone about it." And Conrad talked about it for six months to his considerable number of friends.

1 ~ 2002 ~ Tiller, Oregon

Leatherwoods entered the annals of BDSM history on August 15, 2002. People came from all over Southern Oregon for the four-day event, with a grand total of 30 people. We had the big rack and the swing, and others brought their own toys with a massage table or two. We had a potluck, socializing, and S/M activity that was truly a dream come true for me. I was tied to a tree in a most unusually intricate manner, using a full 300 feet of rope.

2 ~ 2003 ~ Tiller, Oregon

Leatherwoods 2nd year, with 31 people participating. Florentine Bob asked if we could arrange some impromptu demonstrations of different BDSM activity from the people present. In addition to the demos, he asked some people to make verbal presentations on their lifestyle or play. Annette volunteered to keep track of people who registered, which apparently was the beginning of a life-long commitment. The acre of play space was decorated with white christmas lights. It was a magical setting.

3 ~ 2004 ~ Tiller, Oregon

42 people were in attendance. Bob had arranged in advance for people to come from Portland to give presentations, including a fire play hands on demo that was new and edgy. I was an emotional wreck with the knowledge that my 17-year relationship was ending and I would very likely lose the property that was home to Leatherwoods and my dream. Bob, Jan, Annette, Larry, and Margie held things together and made our last year there a memorable one.

4 ~ 2005 ~ Salem, Oregon

Leatherwoods moved to a new venue at Miller Bros Ranch, with plenty of room to spread out and grow. Attendance nearly doubled, to 82 people. We had lots of activity in our new home, including Jan's famous gumbo dinner and lots of presentations and workshops. This year we added a new twist, with Kinky Medical selling supplies from the pavilion.

5 ~ 2006

Under Bob's leadership, Leatherwoods grew into one of the most eagerly anticipated camp outs in the Northwest. Although attendance fell a little, thereafter attendance has grown about 10% a year.

6 ~ 2007

Leatherwoods Inc was registered as a not-for-profit in Oregon. We began taking registrations and payments online. Over one hundred members attended that year.

7 ~ 2008

Our Event Committee expanded, adding three more members to handle the workshops and vendors. Leatherwoods Maul made its debut, with a section set aside for vendors to sell or display their kinky wares. Attendance was nearly double that of two years before.

8 ~ 2009

The first Leatherwoods T-shirts, in royal blue with a winning design by Tobie.

9 - 2010

The second Leatherwoods T-shirts, in grey with the winning design by Arghun. I started work on the official Leatherwoods logo, to be presented in 2011. Annette was chosen, as my current assistant, to become Event Director in 2012 as I rotate out. Four years is a long time to hold that responsibility and, if Bob and I have been good examples of leadership, others will come behind who want to serve with the same loving commitment.

10 ~ 2011

The tenth year of Leatherwoods! Leatherwoods, Inc. was granted Federal tax-exempt status as a 501(c)7 corporation! A special Tastings was presented, and Perverted Games made their debut. Leatherwoods T-shirts sported our new corporate logo. This was my last year as Event Director. The Board of Directors has new members, who will serve with me, in love and respect, to carry out our mission. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, but most of all, I am full of gratitude for a dream come true. This started as my dream, but the people who attend and the tireless workers who put on this event, have made it a reality for all the members of our special community.

Thank you so much!!!


In Love and Leather service,

Miss Reilly