Frequently Asked Questions


Are Campfires Allowed at Leatherwoods?

Accordance to local regulations set by the Fire Marshal and Mr. Miller. If they are allowed nothing on ground per Leatherwoods, and must meet Fire Marshals regulation of 15 inches off the ground. Campfires must be attended at all times, with ample water source or fire extinguisher near all fires.

Is Leatherwoods wheelchair accessible?

Currently Leatherwoods is not wheelchair accessible as it is a rustic campground.

  • We do offer wheelchair accessible port-a-pottys.
  • The road bed is generally hardpacked.
  • The vendor area is soft ground and a helper is recommended.
  • Both meadows are fairly flat with mown but not groomed field grass and have road bridges for wheelchair access.
  • The dungeon is fairly flat but has some soft dirt areas.
  • None of the bridges are wheelchair accessible.
  • The only "hilly" terrain is up where motor homes park.
  • The pavillion is accessible with minor help.

Is water available onsite?

Leatherwoods does provide water onsite for drinking, dishes, and showering, but water is not guaranteed. It depends on the water level on site. Please make sure to bring extra drinking water just in case.

Is there a limit on how much space we can use?

Leatherwoods recommends limiting your site to a 10x10 area. However, this is not strictly enforced. No one will be coming by your tent site with a tape measure. Don lost it. Try to limit your space to just what you need to make sure there is space for all. Be a good neighbor.

Now that it is legal in the state of Oregon, is recreational marijuana use allowed at Leatherwoods?

Leatherwoods is a Clean and Sober event. Recreational marijuana use to still forbidden, but those members with an OMMP may use it but only from the privacy of their camp, out of respect for the other members and those who may be allergic.

Can generators be used for medical needs outside of posted hours?

Generators may be used for medical purposes in a designated area. At this time it is the north end of the big meadow.