Leatherwoods Intensive Workshop Weekend

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July 13-15, 2018

Cost is $50.

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Our Intensive

Over our three days together, MzFur will cover a variety rope related topics. All of the ties, simple in their execution, will string together to create challenging and beautiful forms. While focused on floor work, options for suspension or hishira will be discussed with each tie.

Session 1

Part 1 - An Intro to Form & Focus: Position Training for Bondage

One word spoken. The satisfaction of a stunning form, fingers placed just so, muscles taught, head raised in pride or bowed in servitude. A breath caught in anticipation, time slowing to a cascading eternity of endorphins and the familiar meeting of rope and flesh.

In this class, MzFur will share 10 positions they use for service, rope bondage, and a few specific to the joys of examination. Whether you want clearer communication with rope partners or desire poised service from either side of the slash, this class has something for everyone.

*Please arrive stretched, warmed up and hydrated.

Regardless of fitness and body type, not every pose will work for every body. Adjustments will be given for those with limited mobility or range of motion.

Skill Level: All

Part - 2 Tie: Snowbird (or Pinwheel based on the bottoms flexibility.)

Working with the Snowbird pose, we will create a beautiful and challenging form using a few simple ties.

Skill Requirements:

- Single and Double Column ties

Session 2

Leverage: Body Mechanics & Dominance Moves

Centered on riggers with chronic pain, this class starts off with a few easy warm-up exercises targeting the shoulders, knees and back. Maintain connection and control while working within the limits of your own flexibility and strength.

Develope rope handling techniques, both standing and on the ground, that help you stay within your range of motion and add to your partner’s experience.

Learn mindful manipulation of the bottom’s body, proper bending at hinge joints, and using your body as leverage while you tie.

Play with tying positions that assert the rigger’s dominance, increase the bottom’s feeling of vulnerability, and take the pressure off areas of chronic pain.

Although this is a rigger centered class, the bottom’s voice and participation is always welcome.

Skill Requirements:

- Single and Double Column ties

*optional - Futomomo

Session 3

Tengu with a lite predicament using an M form.

We will begin with a quick nerve anatomy review for rope on the upper body and discuss planning for predicaments.

Using a series of hojo cuffs, we will construct a Tengu tie (also lovingly known as Teryodacticle arms) to stabilize and limit mobility in the upper body. Then, with the addition of a couple simple ties, a few added lines and clothespins, we will create an exposing, lite predicament in an M form.

Skill Requirements:

- Single and Double Column ties

*helpful - yuki knot (aka monkey twist)

- Aussie bight

Session 4

The Crooked Line: Bent Strappado with Hishi Legs

Our last segment begins practicing muscle tension and arm positioning for a bent strappado. We will run through, safely and seamlessly, getting the bottom to the ground in this form before we tie.

We start with a Shinju (or any hands-free chest harness), then bind bent legs with a Hishi tie and two bights, and lastly a simple wrist tie for our bent strappado. Adding tension lines, a hair tie and a wee bit of toe rope, we will explore 2 or more variations of The Crooked Line.

Skill Requirements:

- Single and Double Column ties

- Shinju or a hands-free chest harness.

*helpful - yuki knot (aka monkey twist)

- Aussie bight

About the Presenter

MzFur is a dedicated explorer of sensation with a curious and sadistic nature. Their first emergence into the kink scene, was amongst the Radical Faeries where they built skills in transforming trauma and conditioning through play, ritual kink, and the path of the ordeal.

In 2013 MzFur became a student of rope, which quickly became a personal practice and a passion. Seminawa, a love. They began teaching in collaboration with Hitchin’ Bitches Bay Area, and created the Woven Un-conference. In 2017, MzFur launched Bound Intent, integrating their background in ritual and healing arts with their love of kink and bondage. They host PRAXIS, a monthly Rope Laboratory, and offer an annual series of classes at VoxBody Studio in Oakland.

MzFur strives to create collaborative learning environments where kink is accessible to all genders, orientations, body types, and abilities.