Leatherwoods Playground (aka the Outdoor Dungeon)


Playground (Dungeon) Equipment

  • Four St. Andrew's Crosses
  • Spanking benches
  • Suspension setup
  • A-Frame
  • Framed web
  • Massage tables
  • And lots of trees, of course!


Playground (Dungeon) Rules

  • No photography in the dungeon area, except with the assistance of the Staff Photographer.
  • All play must be safe, sane and consensual. Public play may be supervised by DMs.
  • Attendees who choose not to follow the DMs' decisions may be asked to leave the dungeon area.
  • Do not touch outher players' "toys" or equipment without permission. This includes people.
  • Do not interfere in other peoples' scenes. Maintain a respectful distance, and keep conversation to a quiet minimum. The pavilion is the designated social area for conversation.
  • If you have concerns about what you're seeing in a scene, take your concerns to the DMs. Please notify the DMs of any safety or potential safety issues, or harassment or etiquette infringement problems that come to your attention.
  • Please do not monopolize equipment: we have a certain number of play spaces available. Please be aware and considerate of others, if any, who may be waiting. And remember: not every body can use every piece of equipment.
  • If possible, please try to move aftercare away from the equipment to make the equipment available for the next campers.
  • Cleaning supplies are located in the dungeon area. Please clean up the equipment after yourselves!
  • BLOOD SPORTS (play piercing, staples, needles, cutting, or other games) in the designated area only.
    • Use gloves.
    • Dispose of "sharps" in appropriate receptacles.
    • Gloves and bloody towels used for cleaning must be disposed of appropriately. That does NOT mean in the sharps containers. Please ask staff for assistance.
  • No scat play.