Leatherwoods 2022 Registration

If you are presenting or vending this year, you must register by SEPTEMBER 1ST using the Vendor/Presenter registration form.

Welcome to Leatherwoods 2022: September 8-11!

The General Admission Registration charges will be:

July 9th to August 15th


August 16th to September 1st


Gate Price



  • Registration ends at midnight on September 1st.


  • There is no separate "Day" rate.


Do not use this form if you are a presenter or vendor this year. You must register by September 1ST using the Vendor/Presenter registration form.

Ready to Register? :-)


To register:


  • Register Online and submit

  • Print off copy of Registration

  • Include check or money order with a copy of the registration payable to:

  • Leatherwoods
    P.O.Box 1330
    Cottage Grove, OR 97424


  • Payment must be postmarked by the end of the period you registered to receive that periods pricing. If you miss the deadline your price moves to the next pricing level. If not postmarked by September 1, your price will be $150.00 at the gate.

  • Upon receiving your registration and payment, you will be emailed personally by registration confirming your registration.

  • If you have any questions please contact registration coordinator at: registration

    Please complete this form once for each person (not once per couple or once per family or household) registering for Leatherwoods.

    When you complete this form, click 'Send' at the bottom of the page. We will get an email notification of your registration, and you will get a confirmation email. Print one copy of your confirmation email and send it with your payment

      Tips for using this registration form:
    • Hover your mouse over the input boxes to see info & instructions on the left side of your screen.

    • Use your TAB key as a shortcut to move between input boxes.

    • For round radio buttons or square checkboxes, please click on your choice of the options listed.

    • We'll calculate a subtotal for you on Basic, Camping, and Electricity fees based on your choices from the options. The subtotal will change as you change your choices.

    • For T-shirts and tank tops, enter the quantity you want for each size, and then press TAB. We'll calculate a subtotal for you and show it below the sizes. The subtotal will change as your choices of size and quantity change.

      Section 1: Your Information

      All items marked with a red asterisk (*) are required for registration.

    • We need your legal name here, please.

    • (To verify you are of legal age) Please enter your date of birth. When you check in at Leatherwoods please be prepared to show photo ID. This is required for everyone, no exceptions.

    • If you use an alias or scene name by which you'd like to be known at Leatherwoods, please enter it here.

    • Please enter a phone number where we can reach you in case we have questions about your registration.

    • Where should we send your email confirmation? Please double-check your email address for accuracy when you've finished entering it? Thanks!

    • Please enter the name of the person we should contact if you are involved in an emergency at Leatherwoods.

    • - - Please enter a phone number where we can reach your emergency contact person.

    • Please tell us about any special needs you may have. We will do our best to accomodate special needs such as ASL interpreters or CPAP machines. We appreciate as much advance notice as possible.

    • Please check only one of these choices.

    • Section 2: At Leatherwoods

    • Awwww, c'mon, you know you want to. ;-)

    • Please check all that apply. Or even all of them! It's okay if you can't choose just one.

    • If you have mad skills or superpowers in a particular area, we'd love to hear what you can do. We can sometimes design volunteer positions just for you based on those skills. Saving the world can wait until the week after Leatherwoods, anyhow. Really.

    • If you are applying for a scholarship, here is where you should complete the sentence "I would like to be considered for a scholarship because..."

      Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Pet peeves? Favorite recipes? If there's anything else you'd like us to know about your registration, please enter it here.

      If you have a discount code for your registration, enter it here. Enter the code exactly as given to you: CAPS or no caps, spaces, and numbers must all exactly match.

    • Section 3: Registration & Camping Fees

      Membership is required for attendance. Membership is $10 and covers a full year from date of payment.

      The Basic Registration fee DOES NOT include your Leatherwoods membership fee.

    • Your registration envelope must be postmarked by midnight on the last day of the registration period to receive that rate. Payments made onsite will be $150.

    Section 4: T-Shirts & Tank Tops

    In this section you can pre-order T-shirts to pick up when you check in at the Registration table. This year we request that pre-orders for tees be prepaid with your registration fee.

    Due to supply issues, sizes XS and 5X are not available this year.

    T-Shirts Quantity Price Total
    SM - Small $25.00
    SM Pocket Tee $25.00
    MED - Medium $25.00
    MED Pocket Tee $25.00
    LRG - Large $25.00
    LRG Pocket Tee $25.00
    XL - Extra Large $28.00
    XL Pocket Tee $28.00
    2X - XX Large $28.00
    2X Pocket Tee $28.00
    3X - XXX Large $30.00
    3X Pocket Tee $30.00
    4X - XXXX Large $30.00
    4X Pocket Tee $30.00
    Tank Tops
    SM - Small $25.00
    MED - Medium $25.00
    LG - Large $25.00
    XL - Extra Large $28.00
    2X - XX Large $28.00

    A Grand Total of your membership fee, registration, and T-shirt order will be included in your confirmation email.

    Before you click 'Submit,' please double-check for typos or omissions.
    Go ahead, take your time, we'll wait. Because boo-boos happen, y'know?

    (We just love saying that.)