Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering can really enhance an already great experience by letting you be a part of the event rather than just an attendee. If you're new to the scene, or shy, it's a great way to meet folks and get noticed. Besides the satisfaction and good feeling of knowing you're giving to our community, here are a few other special perks (some say bribes, but that's such an ugly word) for volunteers only:

  • Hugs and gratitude from the committee
  • and... We can't reveal all our secrets! You'll have to volunteer to find out!

Most jobs don't require any special skills, or physical abilities, or can be adapted to meet your circumstances.

Here's a sampling of some of the jobs available for volunteers:

  • Check In
  • Roamers/Gophers
  • Workshop Assistant/Monitor
  • Auction Helpers
  • Loading & Unloading Event

If you have some special skills that you think we can use, let us know. Maybe we can design a position for you.